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Links to sites will navigate you to known exchanges with the ability to Buy Sumcoins.  They are not affiliated with this site and you are responsible to do your own research.

About STEX

Launched in September 2017, STEX is a centralized, licensed exchange located in Tallinn, Estonia. It has 3 types of verification that allow users to reduce trading fees by up to 0.05%. It supports crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto trading with no withdrawal limits.
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Buy at participating crypto kiosks

Because of the decentralized nature of Sumcoin, it is nearly impossible to say which ATM’s you can buy at.

Sumcoin is compatible to be purchased by many crypto kiosks, however,  if the kiosk owner does not show Sumcoin as an option to buy You need to ask the kiosks operator directly for Sumcoin support.  – Please do not contact kiosk manufactures as they will be unable to assist you.