First off, the Sumcoin development team has been long time supporters and code contributors of BRD and Breadwallet. With the recent Coinbase BRD news, the popularity of the BRD token has skyrocketed. As such, many users have attempted to purchase BRD using the BRD app. Many users are reporting they have initiated trades but have not received their BRD tokens after hours of waiting. The app shows the trade is successful and will be delivered but never is.


Scenario 1:
User A wanted to purchase 20,000 BRD. They sent the appropriate BTC to their BRD account, waited for the progress to finish. The user now can purchase BRD. The user uses the BRD trade option and trades BRD for their BTC. The transaction says “Trade Completed” and delivery should happen in 2-3 hours. The user waits a few hours and assumes everything is fine. The token is now up BIG so the user reaches out to the BRD team which in turn reaches out to Changelly. Changelly informs customer A that the order must have not gone thru (even though the BRD app said there are no issues). Now the user is told the Terms of Use policy covers this scenario. WTF?

Scenario 2:
User B wants to trade a large amount of BTC for BRD. The user initiates multiple large transactions. Some transactions go thru, most do not. The user contacts BRD which gives the same run around above and the blame game entails. Who exactly is at fault here? Now the user is stuck with no BRD and their BTC has also left their wallet for all the outstanding transactions.

Straight from the Changelly site… Maybe they have some explaining to do?
“Changelly is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange with the most favorable rates and the lowest service fee. Your exchange has never been so smooth.”

Please share your experience in the comments as this is very serious. Are you having issues?  Have you lost BTC or ETH in the BRD App?

… This is a developing story.  Please continue to check back.





What is Sumcoin?

Sumcoin is a cryptographic blockchain and the worlds first cryptographic Index which uses a proof-of-work algorithm to unlock coins. Its maximum targeted processing time is only 3 mins with a maximum supply of only 100 M coins and is Segwit enabled.

What is the Sumcoin Index and how is the price of SUM determined?

• The Sumcoin Index

• Sumcoin, or the “SUM” of coins means that Sumcoin is price as it tracks all coins in near real time from over 4000 different data points. Sumcoin is continuously aggregating and finds what the current top 100 coins are by global market cap. The result is a “SUM” price is using these algorithms.

Why use Sumcoin?

• Given the speed, security and simplicity being able to hold the “SUM” of the market in only one coin, Sumcoin is for those who want to gain maximum exposure to the crypto space but may only want to hold one coin for simplicity, which can have an effect of reduced risk factors. As the value is spread across 100 coins, there is a great reduction of volatility to Sumcoin vs any other coin.

• Sumcoin Mobile on Slice Wallet.


* Your download/purchase of Slice Wallet does not include any Sumcoins. Slice Wallet is like it sounds, a Wallet. It allows you to store and use your Sumcoins in a safe and easy way.

• Slice Wallet is the first standalone Sumcoin Wallet built for iOS and Android with a focus on accessibility, security and simplicity. Slice Wallet makes getting started with Sumcoin easier than ever!

• There aren’t any hidden servers to backup or store your coins, you’re in control 100%.

• Backup and recover your wallet on any device with the ‘recovery phrase’ generated by the app. Even if you lose your phone you will not lose your Sumcoin.

• As long as you store the (12) generated words in order #1-#12, keep in a vault and NEVER share, you can have complete confidence in being your own bank.

• NEVER backup your recovery words using a camera/photo

• Send and receive Sumcoin at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere and to anyone else using Slice Wallet.